Valencia Red

Location: Calle de la Paz, 36. 46003 Valencia Spain Telephone: +34 963 427 168

Valencia Purple

Location: Plaza Tetuán, 5. 46003 Valencia, Spain Telephone: +34 963 532 561

Barcelona Yellow

Location: Passatge Regente Mendienta, 5 08028 Barcelona Spain Telephone: +34 934 490 596

San Sebastián Green

Location: De Uba Bidea, 43, 20014 Donostia-San Sebastián, Guipúzcoa Telephone: +34 943 457 117

Granada White

Location: Calle Santísimo, 4 18010 Granada Spain Telephone: +34 958 994 714

Home Backpackers

Location: Plaza Vicente Iborra S/N 46003 Valencia Spain Telephone: +34 963 913 797

Nest Hostel

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Types of Groups

We organize all for your group on demand

  1. Students

    We offer a wide range cultural deals for your trip, private parties, modern facilities, bar, chill-out terrace, free WiFi, catering, etc ...

  2. Schools

    Safety and fun for your school trip. We organize everything, ticket, meals, rooms for groups and teachers,etc...

  3. Sport Clubs

    We know that you need to rest for your sport event. We will help you to achieve some rest. You'll be at home.

  4. Friends

    Outputs?, Weekend getaway?, are you coming to see your team play or to a music concert? We offer the lowest prices in town.

  5. Bachelor party

    We have all the ingredients to make your last night ... unforgettable.

  6. Congress

    If you are looking for accommodation for your group as economical as possible, a place to rest and relax, contact us and we will provide special rates.


Advantages for groups

We are here to help you with your booking. We provide complete and secure accommodation for your group at an unbeatable price in major cities of Spain.

1Rooms for groups to stay always together, digital locks, security lockers and 24 hour reception.

2Breakfast included for groups. We provide catering for groups at the hostel and in near restaurants or excursions.

3We organize everything: Our team has extensive experience in organizing group stays, providing activities, catering, tickets for the main attractions in each city, etc. ...

4A free quote and quick responses to all emails and queries.

5Offers and discounts for groups. Our rates are the cheapest and offer best prices.

Are You a Travel Agency or Tour Operator interested in working with Nest hostels?

If so, we'd love to meet you and work together to provide the best product possible. We have a booking team that can certainly help.

Contact us at or by phone
+34 963 261291Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Please note that all rates and payment terms are based on the volume of bookings made and evaluated according to the season.


25% the amount of contracted services to pay within 7 days after confirmation of the group. 25% the amount of contracted services to be paid 21 days before arrival of the group. Order to guarantee the reservation, 3 days before the arrival, the hostel should have received and confirmed the remaining amount of the reservation. In case of not receiving deposits in the "dates" the hostel available wholly or partly of rooms and reserved services.


• From the confirmation of the group up to 21 days before date of arrival, in case of cancellation, will be charged in respect of administrative management 10 • If full cancellation is carried out between 21 and 10 days before the arrival date, 50% of the total reservation will be charged. • If the total cancellation made within 10 days and the day of the reservation date, 100% of the total booking amount will be charged.


• Since the formalization of the reservation until 21 days will be allowed a reduction without penalty of 35% of the total booking amount. If the variation is greater than 35, 10 exceeded reserves will be invoiced. • Between 21 and 10 days will be allowed a reduction without penalty of 25% of the total booking amount, up to a maximum of 15 beds daily. If the variation is greater than the 25% / 15 day beds, the 50% stocks exceeded will be invoiced. • 9 days before the day of arrival, in case of a reduction, will be invoiced exceeded reserves total.

No shows

In case of no-show the hostel is authorized to charge the entire corresponding to the cost of booked daily.


The customer must pay the sum of 10€ per person security deposit. This deposit shall be paid on the arrival of the group. Please have the total amount prepared in order to expedite the check-in. In the case of pay the deposit before the arrival of the group, shall be transferred together with the position of the second tank, by bank transfer or by blocking the deposit on credit card deposit. This guarantee includes the collection of keys and towels for the group, in the event of loss of towels or keys discount of 5€ for each loss. Upon departure, if no damage has been done, the full amount of the deposit will be refunded. In case of any damage caused, there shall be an assessment by the hostel management, and the amount corresponding to the damage will be retained from the deposit. In case of not having any damage, bail will be returned, once the rooms have checked with the head of the group. The establishment, if not, is completely prohibited, entry of alcohol, narcotics or any act of vandalism in all will notify police.

Calle de la Paz, 36. 46003 Valencia Spain
Telephone: +34 963 261 291
Fax: +34 963 261 291